A General Election must take place every five years in accordance with the Bermuda Constitution. The Premier may however call an Election at any time within the five year period.



In order to participate in a General Election, residents are required to be registered on the Parliamentary Register. To be eligible, a voter must be;

  • Bermudian and 18 years of age or older, or non-Bermudian Commonwealth citizens who were registered to vote on 1st May 1976.
  • Registered in the constituency in which they live in order to vote.
  • Registered so that a list of voters can be prepared in advance of an election to determine numbers of voters.



All first time voters are required to fill in FORM 1


Note: All applicants born outside of Bermuda must include a copy of their original birth certificate and/or copy of their Bermuda Status certificate, or letter of confirmation of Bermuda Status from the Department of Immigration.


If you are already registered to vote, and need to make a change to your registration details, i.e. Name or address change, you must complete a FORM 2


Note: Each applicant applying for a name change must present documentation in support of the change, i.e. A deed poll certificate, marriage certificate or birth certificate, whichever is applicable. You must register that change with the Parliamentary Registry within 28 days of the change.


The Parliamentary Registry is temporarily closed in line with the safety measure implemented by the Bermuda government on 18 March 2020. During this time we will not be processing apostille documents until further notice. Regular hours of operations are due to commence on Monday, 6 April 2020.