Sick & Shut in Voters

Advanced Polling for sick and shut in voters, will take place from the 21st – 25th of September by appointment only.

Provisions are made in the Parliamentary Election Act 1978 to allow for those voters who are sick and shut in to cast their votes from home.

Who is eligible to vote from home?

  • Voters who are registered to vote on the final register of electors for this general election and who are not able by mechanical means or other means due to disability or poor health to get to the polling place to cast their vote.
  • Voters who are unable to attend the polling place because they are under isolation or quarantine due to COVID illness.


Required Documentation

Every voter who wishes to vote from home must;

  1. Be registered on the parliamentary register and their registration details must be up to date.
  2. Have a letter from a Registered Medical Practitioner; or
  3. For those isolated due to COVID illness, have a letter from the Chief Medical Officer’s epidemiology unit.
  4. Have valid Identification.
  5. Must apply to the Registrar using the online form provided.


Tips for Voting From Home for Sick & Shut in Voters

  • Ensure that you are wearing a mask and any other protective wear needed when Returning Officers come to visit your home.
  • Ensure adequate space is available for Returning Officers and Agents to enter your home.
  • Be aware that an Agent for each candidate will be allowed to attend voting at your residence as observers only.
  • Sanitize your home once the officers have completed voting and have left your home.
  • The voter receiving the home visit must be able to make a decision on their own in order to be allowed to vote. Family members and caregivers will not be able to assist with voting.
  • Voters under isolation will receive a clear set of procedures by email once their applications have been accepted.